1o stage

Olive oil is a living product and requires the best possible care, so that the quality and taste be as good as possible. From the olive grove to the final consumer, extreme caution is required so as to ensure the quality of its nutritional value. One of the stages that call for great care is the harvesting of olives.
Olive harvesting requires a lot of experienced harvesters, so that the collection can be completed quickly, before the fruit gets over-ripe. Thus, the best time to harvest the olives is when the fruit has reached the optimum stage of its maturation [known as industrial maturity]; that is when the color changes from green-yellow to black-purple and the fruits have all the maximum valuable nutritional components of extra virgin olive oil [phenols, vitamins], but also the top organoleptic properties that a high nutritional value olive oil should have [bitter, spicy, fresh olive fragrance].