cretan diet

our secret

On an international scale, in scientific circles, there has been much discussion about, and deep interest in, finding the ideal diet which will improve the health of human beings warding off illnesses. Ever since antiquity, the traditional diet of Crete seems to be just the most typical and superior example of Mediterranean diet, especially as far as quality is concerned. At a global scale, Cretans have the lowest percentage of deaths caused by heart attacks and different kinds of cancer.

So, what is their secret? The products of the Cretan land – lots of vegetables and herbs, legumes, fruit, wine from the local vineyards, baked bread. But most of all, the extra-virgin olive oil, the basis of Greek and Cretan diet. The nutritional value of olive oil is enormous, as it is the most powerful natural antioxidant that protects the body from serious diseases. The fact that Cretans live longer and have extremely low disease rates seems to be related to the fact that they are the largest extra virgin olive oil consumers worldwide.