who we are

Olive: an eternally precious commodity, a symbol of peace, fertility, authority, victory, purification. It has always played a key role throughout the Cretan history and civilization, as besides its daily use in nutrition, it has been used in tanning, weaving, perfumery, pharmaceutics, medicine, lighting and religious ceremonies. On our blessed land, Crete, following its long history in olive oil production, we created our own company, Minoan Elea, to continue the long tradition of our island – being a pioneer in the cultivation and production of “liquid gold”, as Homer used to call the virgin olive oil.
Minoan Elea is situated in the stunning natural surroundings of Episkopi village. Episkopi is located in the region of Pediada, just 18 kms southeast of the island’s capital, Heraklion, at an altitude of 350 meters. In a highly privileged location, a stone's throw from the impressive sites of Knossos and Amnissos, Episkopi is the key link between the sea and the mainland.
For many centuries, agriculture has been one of the most important occupations of the inhabitants, with vines and olives being their most valuable crops. The olive tree, a symbol of Hellenism since antiquity, has never ceased to play an important role in the life of the Greeks. Crete, in particular, ranks on the top position in the entire territory of Greece, both in production and consumption of olive oil. This is due primarily to the existence of exceptionally favorable climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, airflow, sunshine) and the possibility of optimizing large land areas for the growth of olive trees, but mostly due to the respect and love of producers for the greatest commodity Cretan soil gives.
The objective of Minoan Elea is to highlight the value of extra virgin olive oil produced in our land. Following a tradition of years, being olive producers ourselves with our privately owned olive mill, we have gained expertise in the secrets of fine olive oil. Our associates are the most distinguished producers in the region; they respect the product and follow all the correct agricultural and oil extraction practices. Our methods comply with the most advanced and sophisticated standards – i.e. storage in stainless steel tanks, free from oxygen, where oxidation is avoided by the use of nitrogen. Our goal is to combine the ancient Greek tradition with the most advanced and developed methods of technology. Our main concern is to ensure that we produce an extra virgin olive oil of high nutritional value, of excellent quality and taste, which maintains all the beneficial ingredients of olives.